Continuing in the quest to keep John warm, I made this carbon fiber heated cloth.  I have found it difficult to modify a warm coat that I can actually put on him due to contractures in his elbows.  I do have a coat I can get on, but it’s not that warm.  (Actually I also have a warm coat – but it’s sooo puffy that he can barely drive the wheelchair.)  So, the idea is to put this liner on first, then put on the jacket.  It is heated using a lithium battery that is used for power tools.

After I made it, I tested it out on myself while taking the dog out for walks in 36 degree weather.  Ahh!  toasty warm.  It sucks the battery up pretty quickly, though.  I’m thinking I’ll just keep a couple in his backpack and switch them out if we’re out for long periods (which isn’t often).

Today instead of putting it over his head, I laid it on his wheelchair seat before putting him in it.  He had a nice and toasty bum — kind of similar to a heated car seat.

For details on how to make it :