Here are a list of things we have found to be very useful.

We put this floor over top of our hard tile floor in our kitchen.
Pros:  Saved trips to the emergency room, very comfortable to stand on, nice temporary solution – we can always go back to the tile
Cons:  The color doesn’t go all the way through the foam, so when the top layer gets scuffed up it starts to look bad.

Has saved John many times when he has fallen.  He always wears this when we are out of the home.

ChildSize Sink and Toilet
We installed a preschool size toilet and sink in the bathroom.  Has made the toileting process much easier.

Doctor Organization
It’s hard to keep track of all the doctors appointments.  We have a spreadsheet that we edit every time we have an appointment.  It’s our contact list, history list, and to-do list all in one.  Here’s an example with scrubbed data… the columns are:  Name, Type, Department, Office, LastVisit, Reason, NextAppointment, Comments-ToDo, Email, Phone, Fax, Address.

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