I was walking down an aisle in Home Depot recently and I saw this folding shelf bracket.  It looked like it could be something useful, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it — I bought it anyway in hopes that I’d think of something.  Not too long after, I wanted to make something in the kitchen with John and was reminded how difficult it was to find a place he could easily reach a bowl.  Aha!  The folding shelf bracket to the rescue.  I attached the bracket to the counter using bolts (not screws, so it’s removable) to the end of our counter.  It’s great because it can fold flat against the counter when not in use.  I screwed a scrap piece of wood to the top of the bracket — although, I think I’ll put some laminate on the top so messes are easy to wipe up.  Someday.  I made the width narrower than the width of his armrests so that he can drive up close.  And the depth is long enough that his feet don’t bump into the counter when he drives all the way in.  I’m very happy with the way it’s working out.