image1This is Johnathan.  Johnathan’s mom was suffering from HeMBIB* syndrome from having to carry him to and from the car.  Thanks to a new purple walker Johnathan can now walk to the car on his own.  I learned a number of things while making this walker.  First, since Johnathan is bigger than some of the kids I’ve made walkers for, I thought I could use heavier caster wheels.  But,  those wheels just didn’t work very well and would even get stuck going over carpet — so I switched back to the lightweight-plastic-blow-molded wheels.  Also, I tried to put pins on the back frame so the walker could be taken apart, but it just wasn’t sturdy enough, so I ended up gluing it together.  And speaking of sturdy, instead of the 3/4″ pvc pipe that I made most of my walkers with, I went with 1-1/4″.   Even though Johnathan already owns a walker — it’s usually kept in the car.  This is a tool to make daily life easier by helping him get from the house to the car without having to hassle with the ‘real’ walker.

*Help My Back Is Breaking