When babies are young you typically move them from container to container…  ie, from the bumbo to the bouncy seat, from the bouncy seat to the swing, etc…  But John didn’t fit into any of those once he had the spica cast.  So, I decided to make John his own chair.  All I did was wrap a couple 1×6 boards with batting and blue fabric, then screwed them together to make a chair.  I cut a couple holes into the chair for straps to hold John on the chair.

Here’s a view of the chair that shows pretty much how I made it.  I made the length extra long to help it be more stable in pitch, and I used a couple boards to lift it from the ground to make room for his feet, and to give more stability in the heeling direction.  The second picture shows John in his chair at a restaurant.  John definitely couldn’t fit in the booster seats or high chairs in the restaurants – so this way, we could bring our own.